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Furniture Market in the Hot Pocket (Spring 2011)

10 Apr

Hello out there! I know it has been ages since my last post! Don’t hate! I have been busy with all sorts of goodies such as a business course for the wedding industry, my typography class for the graphic and web design certificate, work, beer (his friend wine has taken some of my time lately too), friends, DB5 shows, brainstorming Restore projects and kickball to name a few…Everything is going great in fact..just very busy and the blog takes backseat. I do not have an online class this summer so I plan to get back on track if you can bare with me (you as in the 2 people that read my blog, haha…I love you guys!).

I wanted to share some pretties from the HP (or hot pocket to the locals..hmmm hot pockets) Furniture Market my work visited earlier this week. I will be honest. Nothing was fantastic for me. It was basically the same things from the Fall and they were not giving away half as many totes (haha..I kid). Times are tight! It was a nice break from the ordinary though and we got some ideas and new vendors for current projects.

My class has assigned us to take photos of fonts/typography we like when out and about. I have added a few here that were noteworthy.

Peace out playas!

I liked this font...swanky is the word that comes to mind

I liked the turquoise and light green color combo..potentials for the guest room!

nice, clean font..great vendor too!

Take note of the blue stand...I think it was burlap painted and pasted somehow..very cool technique.

Open Wide...look to the top!

Yes ma'am...we're gonna need a bigger boat! Really want to get this for my husband.

Beautiful Global Views set-up

Beautiful Global Views set-up

Again, Global Views...

I'm starting with the wo-MAN in the mirror!

Knots, knots, knots (sung to Shots, shots, shots)


“Lay Your Weary Head to Rest….” at the Furniture Market!

23 Oct

This past Monday my interior design office took a little field trip to High Point for the Fall High Point Furniture Market! If you do not know what market is just imagine an entire downtown area of a furniture infused city dedicated to showcasing the latest and greatest in residential and commercial furnishing and decor. There are several LARGE buildings dedicated to this event (some year round and some just for market). My office went to check out the latest in furnishings and accessories for our hotels. We also have a few vendors we are loyal to and wanted to see any updates. I have never been to market before so did not know what to expect. It was like window shopping to the extreme! I wanted everything for my own house! From the hand crafted side tables to the driftwood wall hangings to the over-sized Buddha porcelain statues.

People from all over the world were here: architects, designers, bloggers, buyers etc.


Check out this list of vendors and events that were occurring….too bad we missed Kansas LIVE! Carry on my wayward son…..


Robert Allen Fabric Books

Clayton Oxford Showroom (Local Durham Business)

http://www.claytonoxford.com/index.html ( check them out-very nice people!)

Burlap Flower Applique

Driftwood Wall Hanging

Felt Flower Pillow

Moe's Showroom

Nickelodeon Showroom (Kids Room Vignette-totally awesome dude)

Hammery Showroom : Dresser

Some trends I noticed:

BURLAP (thank goodness…so cute!)

asian/morrocan influences

appliques! pillows, lampshades etc.

rustic chic…distressed wood, white washed things


bright colors like mustard yellow, lime green deep purple mixed with white, grey and other neutrals.

But Ashley, what on earth does this have to do with wedding DIY?!! Glad you asked. If I were planning a wedding and needed some inspiration, this would be great place to start. Granted you have to be connected to the design community somehow. BUT, one could always scout the online blogs showing these latest and greatest designs. Places like this serve as inspiration for the latest color schemes, materials and finishes. All which can be translated in your wedding design (colors, hair accessories, decor or paper goods).

For example: I saw a BEAUTIMOUS lampshade that was covered in burlap with a flower applique (see photo above). This could be translated into a killer hair accessory for the rustic chic wedding. Create a little burlap or jute flower, glue it on a barrette, hot glue a rhinestone in the middle to jazz it up and BAM! Instant glam on a budget…..

See ladies…inspiration is EVERYWHERE. You just have to open your eyes….

Global Views Showroom