Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

30 Dec

I was looking at Anthropologies website the other day for inspiration and stumbled across something that 1.) made me cry because it was so $$ and 2.) made me really happy because I found something similar in a “junk” shop by the side of the road for $7.00!

This is what I found at Anthro….

Anthropologie Vine Gardner Mirror $498.00

Anthropologie Organic Rococo Mirror $398.00

They are beautiful and I wish I could afford a million of them but I am very excited about my side of the road treasure!


This was my steal at $7.00….

Ornate Mirror (not sure of material..not wood)



I think I am going to paint the frame  a glossy white or glossy turquoise to go in our guest room…any suggestions?





DIY Tissue Paper Monogram

29 Dec

So the original purpose of this blog was to showcase and TEACH you about the things I made for my wedding…kinda got off track, huh Ashley?

We thought it would be nice to have something hanging on our beach house rental door to give a glimpse of the overall wedding decor. It is also a nice  personalized touch to the entrance of your wedding venue and above all else it let’s  people know they have arrived to the right place!

We decided that an “R” to represent our last name (my new last name) would be appropriate. I knew I did not want a moss covered “R” or a fabric covered “R” (even though they are very nice for some weddings). I liked the simplicity of this Martha Stewart Weddings idea but wanted more.

Martha Stewart Weddings

I was running out of time AND moolah so decided to look at what I already had lying around. There was quite a bit of blue tissue paper left after making the pom’s (see how to post here). I printed off my current coupon for Joann fabric and made the trek in search of a styrofoam sheet. Sure enough, they had plenty of shapes and sizes! The styrofoam sheet cost about $4.00 with the coupon (you know you are getting older AND wiser when you get excited about coupons!). Here is what I did when I got home:

1. I used a marker to trace an “R” on the foam. Try using a light marker (I used silver so my lines would hide easily).

2. Cut the “R” out with an exacto knife. Going into the garage is a must because it gets a little messy. You may have to score the styro. several times before it will pop out. Take your time and stick to it. I actually ended up cutting a part of my “R” off by mistake…nothing some tape can’t fix!

3. A day earlier I made some miniature tissue paper flower poms. I used the same directions as the large pom’s but used smaller sheets of tissue paper. This is where the wire we  used for the tissue paper pom’s will come in handy. See my pom tutorial..click here. Wiggle the wire through the foam and twist to secure the tissue pom’s on.

4. Using the wire from the wrapped flower pom’s, stick them one by one into the “R” and fill it up. I thought about adding some to the side because the foam was about 1″ thick but opted not to. This would make it fuller and more polished in my opinion.

5. I then tied a ribbon to the top and hung it from a clear wreath hook I got from the after Christmas sell at K-Mart for $.99! SCORE!

There you have it! An easy, light and airy monogram to hang from your door!

Goodwill Frames = Awesome Christmas Decor!

23 Dec

Merry Christmas ya’ll! I hope everyone is ready and jolly by golly!  Like everyone else this holiday season my wallet was not looking forward to the costs involved with baking, gift giving and more outings! It is all I can do to get all my ducks in a row every month! I really wanted to do some fun things for our house since it is our first “married” Christmas together in our home. Holiday decorations help get my husband and I in the spirit. Only problem is holiday decor at full price is way too expensive and I am not one to hit the shops up the day after for those marked down holiday goodies. Sooooo I did what I always do and made my way down to Goodwill. Many of you know that Goodwill is my jam! I love going there and looking around, seeing hidden potential in things, finding a good book and meeting the nice people that work there. Just the other day I found Emily Giffins “Something Borrowed” for a dollar! I read it in 2 sittings! Success! Back to my point I had a few ideas in mind for my Goodwill expedition. I wanted to find some framed art (with or without the art) with the frame and glass intact. My Goodwill off Strickland Rd. has a great corner of frames and art etc. I walked away with some old framed art and a canvas that someone had framed in.

Once I put my thinking cap on I took both frames to the garage and laid them on some painters plastic.

I took the glass out of the frame and removed the oh so lovely art and RECYCLED it. Washed it, dried it and prepped it. I took some Rustoleum chalkboard paint and used a high density foam roller to paint the glass. It only took (2) coats with a 4 hour dry time in between.

While the glass was drying I spray painted the frame with a nice semi-gloss white I had laying around. Two coats seemed to do the job.

we like corona

After the chalkboard glass was dry I put it back in the frame and BAM that’s my JAM! A cute chalkboard to scribble Christmas cheer on!

My second project needed to somehow showcase our Christmas cards. I adore Christmas cards and can hardly wait to open them when they come in. I noticed that John leaves them for me on the counter because he knows how much I love ripping into them! I have the best husband EVA! As much as I love them, they can sometimes clutter and flutter. My soluition was to create a card bullitin board  to display by our tree.

I started by painting the frame and canvas with white paint. The person’s art was lovely but not my style *sorry little van gogh*.

While the paint was drying I dug through our Christmas wrapping paper stash and found something semi-neutral with a little color and shine.

I removed the screws and wrapped the canvas in the paper (taping it on much like a Christmas gift).

I carefully put the canvas back into the frame and tucked when necessary.

This is the finished product and this is what it looks like now…great right? All cards in one tidy place by our beautiful tree.

These are just some easy, inexpensive ways to brighten up your home this holiday season. Home is where it all begins and ends so why not have fun in making it festive? Merry Christmas everyone 🙂

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{ Congratulations Megan + Jared }

17 Dec

Want to send a quick congrats out to two great people, Megan and Jared!  They were recently engaged and we could not be happier for them!

Happy Planning you two love birds!

m + j

End of Year Crazies

11 Dec

I just realized that the last time I wrote was on December 2…not cool Ashley! This month is flying by and I cannot keep up. So I wanted to give you a sneak peek on what I plan on posting about here in the near future. I have been working on some Christmas decor here and there which has been fun! Today is study day for me because my final exam is tomorrow for my Photoshop class. I am excited to move on to my Typography class next semester! I highly recommend online courses if you work full time. I am only taking one a semester but it really adds alot to my day and gives me something to look forward to when the work day is less than thrilling 😉

Soon to Come!

Goodwill Chalkboard:

DIY Christmas Greeting Chalkboard


Goodwill Christmas Card Display:

Display your Cards in a Fun Way!

Wish me luck and see you soon!

Buy Handmade This Christmas…or DIY!

2 Dec

Check out your local craft fairs, browse around Etsy, or make some goodies with your own hands! Whatever it is …..don’t go into debt buying gifts this year. It is not worth it….cherish the comforts of your friends and family. Plan a night when you can hang out, drink some beverages and bake some cookies. I guarantee the laughs and good times you have will be a hundred times better than any gift out there. Remember the real reason for the season 🙂


It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas…..

30 Nov

Everywhere you go….and in our home!

Remember that little foam wreath form I used to make the burlap Fall decor with? Well, it was re-born. It now is the focal point of our Christmas mantel!


Magnolia Leaf Wreath

So the hubby and I were decorating yesterday and I wanted something to sit over the wreath. Something semi-large. Something to fill our blank wall (don’t really have art for the wall yet). I also knew that I have no money for crafts so I decided to get creative and rummage (haha) around the house for ideas. I had seen some magnolia garlands at Carolina Pottery the day before that were simple and elegant. BUT, Ashley ended up breaking not 1 but 3 glass lamps during her stroll with her friend Megan so needless to say, I couldn’t wait to get out of there. BTW- that place is amazing and they are even more amazing for not charging me for my dingle brained move. Megan tried to stop me but it was in slow motion so the lamps fell off the display and that was that….check them out here. Anyways, back to the point. I really liked the magnolia leaf look so I looked outside and realized “hey, we have a magnolia tree”.

I heart you tree!

Coat on, garage door opened and scissors in hand, I started to cut the leaves that were close to the bottom and sagging (about to fall off). I collected enough (and thanked the tree for sharing of course) and went back into the garage. I then put the leaves on newspaper and spraypainted them with gold Krylon spray paint (great stuff if you have never used it, I highly recommend keeping gold, silver and white spraypaint around at all times).

Once they dried I took my little foam wreath, a hot glue gun, and sewing pins.

the get up yo!

I realized quickly that I did not even need the hot glue and the pins would allow my to attach the gold leaves with no commitment! I LIKE! So this is how I got started….

1. Pin a leaf on the inner ring of the wreath form, start laying them in a line (use the narrow leaves if possible). Go all the way around.

2. Pin leaves on the outer ring. Go all the way around. Don’t worry if you see green foam here and there…nothing is perfect!

3. Now, grab a cluster of (3) leaves and pin into wreath. Start overlapping the leaves like so. I like pinning these because it gives the ability to “fan” the leaves out a bit and make the wreath fuller later on. If you used hot glue those suckers are stuck!

4. Go all the way around. When you are to your last cluster, lift up the first cluster and pin the leaves in. Then lay the first ones back down (this should conceal the pin head).

Viola! Pretty easy and fun right! Hang with pride. I have to admit, I am pretty darn excited about my FREE 99 wreath! Between the leaves in our yard, the spray paint and wreath form I had from past projects and my sewing pins…I got out pretty good. What Christmas crafts are you doing this year? Are you incorporating nature into them?

Soon to come…more holiday goodness the hubby and I are doing to the house…and maybe some wedding crafts… 🙂