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Habitat Restore Cary, NC

11 Oct

Here are some pics of the Habitat Restore I helped with recently. They were so kind and asked me to help design the bathroom. The goal was to show people what building materials/items found at a Restore can be used to update a bathroom. My original idea was to use large PVC pipe, cut down and spray painted for unexpected bathroom storage. When large PVC tubes were not available at that time (stock goes fast at the Restore!) I used paint buckets. The kind volunteers at the Restore helped me cut them down and hang. Here is a breakdown of what we did:

1. Clean bathroom in existing space. Measure EVERYTHING!

2. Go shopping at the Restore in Raleigh! This was a lot of fun! Pushing myself creatively really gets me going. This was an absolute blast to try to find recurring design aesthetics throughout the store. Eventually I did not use most of the items I found but it was fun nonetheless.

3. Rip off vinyl cove base and prime the bathroom.

4. Paint walls with the help of volunteers (when work prevented me from getting out there).

5. Install new cove base, found at the Restore in Raleigh

6. Draw inspirational words on wall in pencil, paint over and then use WD-40 to clean up pencil marks. WD-40 is awesome for this! For those of you with children, I can imagine it would be very helpful for the walls! I gained inspiration for the “brushy” letters from a font on I tried to mimic them the best I could. The brush is supposed to go with the Do It Yourself feel of the bathroom.

7. Cut paint buckets with saw, sand and spray paint silver. Another volunteer took the time to teach me about the drill bits and anchors etc. This was definitely a learning experience!

8. Accessorize! I could not just leave the bathroom without putting some “homey” touches. I am the QUEEN of knick knacks.  I added a flameless tealight candle in one of the shelves, some wash clothes and a rubber ducky-quack!

Overall, I think it was a success! I think they may go in later and hang a different light fixture. It was a joy working with the Habitat team. They really care about what they do and their enthusiasm is contagious. I hope to work with them again one day!

Remember peeps, REDUCE . RENEW . REUSE . RESTORE!!!



Where the Magic Happens….

2 Jun

Hey everyone out there in wedding land! Wedding season is in FULL swing for many of you so I will not take up much of your time. Thomasville Furniture (North Cackalacky whats up) is hosting a giveaway! See below for full deets. You know you and the future hubby need a matching bedroom set that doesn’t resemble days of college past!  Do It!

Thomasville is hosting The Best Bridal Shower Gift Ever Giveaway!
Who may participate: Engaged couples who are 18 years or older and will be married on or between June 1, 2011 and May 31, 2012
Registration Duration: May 23 – June 27
Prize: Brand new bedroom furniture from Thomasville
How to enter: To register, participants must “like” the Thomasville page on Facebook (; the registration form is available on the page’s Home Sweet Home tab.

If you happen to win, please comment with a photo of your fab bedroom suite!

Good Luck!!

Time to UPGRADE!

Love Is In the Air

14 Feb

Congrats you two!

First and foremost! Congrats to my lovely friend Hollie who was just engaged this past Saturday! She and her fiance Joel are the cutest couple and I wish them the best in the MANY years to come 🙂 Their engagement story was uber romantic and brought tears to my eyes. It made me feel like I do when watching a romantic chic flick and the guy gets the girl and you can hardly stand it. That is what their story will do to you. I love you guys! (photo courtesy of Hollie’s Facebook page)

I also wanted to share that Anthropologie’s wedding line, BHLDN was launched and it is FABU! Seriously, beautiful and inspiring. Probably more than I would personally spend but one can dream 😉 Check it out!


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Just Do It

9 Jan

New Year’s Reality Check

Another year, another chance

To start our lives anew;
This time we’ll leap old barriers
To have a real breakthrough.

We’ll take one little step

And then we’ll take one more,
Our unlimited potential
We’ll totally explore.

We’ll show off all our talents

Everyone will be inspired;
(Whew! While I’m writing this,
I’m getting very tired.)

We’ll give up all bad habits;

We’ll read and learn a lot,

All our goals will be accomplished,
Sigh…or maybe not.

Oh well, Happy New Year anyway!

By Joanna Fuchs

I found this poem online and thought it was cute-it doesn’t put too much pressure on you to accomplish that long list of goals…but inspires you to try. Trying is what it is all about. However my New Year’s motto this year is “just do it”! There are so many things I start and NEVER finish and I am tired of being reminded of that. I get a bright idea and get so excited about it but then another idea comes about and the old one is put on the back burner. No more of that this year! I will wrap up loose ends and not start anything new (well drastically new anyways) until I finish my loose ends from last year. What are these loose ends you ask? They range from organization to crafts to career goals. Here is a small list:

– 5K: Sign up for one already and kick that butt in gear (belated honeymoon/one year anniversary is quickly approaching! Yay!

– Save $ (this is on going every year but I feel good about it this year). I know that staying home and being frugal brings more happiness than the alternative.

– Put my invitation design on Etsy and see what happens. I have had a lot of super supportive friends tell me to try it and I hesitate because in my head they are not up to par. How on earth will I succeed with that mindset! Just do it Ashley and see what happens….

– Keep blogging and learn more about the technical aspect of it (ie. WordPress and all of it’s glory)

– Finish Cold Mountain! My friend Nealy lent this to me forever ago and it is still sitting on my nightstand. Part of me knows what is going to happen because I saw the movie and I am trying to stop it from happening in the book, haha.

– Network more. This is so crucial to my career and for making friends.

– Post up more of my wedding craft tutorials. I am starting to think this blog should be called “Ashley’s Random Ramblings”

– Call Time Warner Cable and cancel Showtime and MAKE them lower my bill. It is time for me to grow some and call the evil entity known as TWC. I wish we could get Dish but our beautiful trees make it impossible.

These are a few loose ends from last year…

As far as new goals and projects the list is neverending…here are a few that excite me but must wait until the loose ends are complete!

– House DIY projects (refinish cabinets, frame in the bathroom mirrors, paint guest bath, re-paint guest room, garden, fix up garage into workspace). Measure and draw up plans of house (that is the Type A in me coming out). John and I are going to make a master wishlist of things we want to do this year.

– Crafts and DIY projects: refinish an old chair, build a headboard, paint my thriftstore mirror, learn how to felt, finish some earrings I started)

– volunteer: I really want to get involved with Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity

– Visit more museums. I LOVE doing this but never make time for it.

– Spend more time with my friends and family. Sometimes I get so caught up in work, school and just sitting at home (my happy place) that I let months go by without seeing those closest to me. Not a good way to live!

That pretty much scrapes the surface. I know I am setting myself up for failure on a couple of these…if anything I will at least try. For most I hope to just do it and ENJOY it in the process.

What New Years Resolutions do you have? Have you made a list? Did you write it out or is it in your noggin? Does one resolution end up on your list year after year? What is stopping you from tackling it?

2011 is going to be what you make of it. Plain and simple. Enjoy life, love and the people closest to you. Peace out homies.

{ Congratulations Megan + Jared }

17 Dec

Want to send a quick congrats out to two great people, Megan and Jared!  They were recently engaged and we could not be happier for them!

Happy Planning you two love birds!

m + j

End of Year Crazies

11 Dec

I just realized that the last time I wrote was on December 2…not cool Ashley! This month is flying by and I cannot keep up. So I wanted to give you a sneak peek on what I plan on posting about here in the near future. I have been working on some Christmas decor here and there which has been fun! Today is study day for me because my final exam is tomorrow for my Photoshop class. I am excited to move on to my Typography class next semester! I highly recommend online courses if you work full time. I am only taking one a semester but it really adds alot to my day and gives me something to look forward to when the work day is less than thrilling 😉

Soon to Come!

Goodwill Chalkboard:

DIY Christmas Greeting Chalkboard


Goodwill Christmas Card Display:

Display your Cards in a Fun Way!

Wish me luck and see you soon!

Buy Handmade This Christmas…or DIY!

2 Dec

Check out your local craft fairs, browse around Etsy, or make some goodies with your own hands! Whatever it is …..don’t go into debt buying gifts this year. It is not worth it….cherish the comforts of your friends and family. Plan a night when you can hang out, drink some beverages and bake some cookies. I guarantee the laughs and good times you have will be a hundred times better than any gift out there. Remember the real reason for the season 🙂