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Inspiration Board

14 Nov

Happy Sunday Funday ya’ll! Hope your weekend was fantastic!

I will be honest. I am pretty brain dead right now and the only productive thing I have done today is clean a little and post 7 Craigslist ad’s! I am trying to sell some things to 1.) get them out of this house and 2.) make some extra cash flow before the fast approaching holidays. Anyone need a snowboard?!!

One thing that most bride’s should attempt to make in some form or another is an inspiration board. It can be digital through a website such as Dessy. OR, you can make a tangible board at home. I opted for the later because inspiration comes in many forms other than 2D images. Here is a pic of the inspiration board on my office desk:

Everything was stuck up here! Koozies, printed out images, ribbon, clay ornaments, bridesmaid dress fabric swatches…everything. It was nice to have directly in front of my computer when I would hit the wedding planning drawing board. I could quickly glance up to see what hair style I wanted or what colors I was using. Another reason I enjoy the actual bulletin board idea is because you can post things like flowers, fabric, textured items that you just can’t feel through the computer screen. To each his own of course! After it served it’s life I decided to give her a face lift. I painted the border white and used spray adhesive to apply a pretty fabric. It was like new again! Now, it is my inspiration board for all things wedding, graphic design, and interior design! However you like it : real life or digital, I highly recommend compiling all your inspired ideas in one spot for easy access.


Here are a few very pretty boards that would make me smile!

Made By Girl Blog

Chicken Wire Inspire Board Arugula Press via Flickr

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Do Be Sketchy : Part 2

18 Jul

After writing the first part of “Do Be Sketchy” I realized that I did not put any samples of my own sketchbook onto the site. Attached you will find a few pages from my wedding sketchbook that illustrate how helpful it is to get something out of your head and onto paper! Colors, shapes, websites, dimensions, textures and goals…

Cupcake Stand Doodles

Invite Sketch

The Wedding Image in my Own Head Movie

The Actual Reception Layout (Pretty Close)