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Habitat Restore Cary, NC

11 Oct

Here are some pics of the Habitat Restore I helped with recently. They were so kind and asked me to help design the bathroom. The goal was to show people what building materials/items found at a Restore can be used to update a bathroom. My original idea was to use large PVC pipe, cut down and spray painted for unexpected bathroom storage. When large PVC tubes were not available at that time (stock goes fast at the Restore!) I used paint buckets. The kind volunteers at the Restore helped me cut them down and hang. Here is a breakdown of what we did:

1. Clean bathroom in existing space. Measure EVERYTHING!

2. Go shopping at the Restore in Raleigh! This was a lot of fun! Pushing myself creatively really gets me going. This was an absolute blast to try to find recurring design aesthetics throughout the store. Eventually I did not use most of the items I found but it was fun nonetheless.

3. Rip off vinyl cove base and prime the bathroom.

4. Paint walls with the help of volunteers (when work prevented me from getting out there).

5. Install new cove base, found at the Restore in Raleigh

6. Draw inspirational words on wall in pencil, paint over and then use WD-40 to clean up pencil marks. WD-40 is awesome for this! For those of you with children, I can imagine it would be very helpful for the walls! I gained inspiration for the “brushy” letters from a font on I tried to mimic them the best I could. The brush is supposed to go with the Do It Yourself feel of the bathroom.

7. Cut paint buckets with saw, sand and spray paint silver. Another volunteer took the time to teach me about the drill bits and anchors etc. This was definitely a learning experience!

8. Accessorize! I could not just leave the bathroom without putting some “homey” touches. I am the QUEEN of knick knacks.  I added a flameless tealight candle in one of the shelves, some wash clothes and a rubber ducky-quack!

Overall, I think it was a success! I think they may go in later and hang a different light fixture. It was a joy working with the Habitat team. They really care about what they do and their enthusiasm is contagious. I hope to work with them again one day!

Remember peeps, REDUCE . RENEW . REUSE . RESTORE!!!