2010…a Reflection

31 Dec

2010 has been the best year since I can remember. So many great things have happened to my family and I (and my new family). This has been a year full of blessings and for that we are grateful.

This time last year John and I were mentally preparing ourselves for the wedding planning and crunching in the months to follow (we got married on May 28).

John and I at our 90's New Year's Eve Party last year!

It is funny to look back at how stressful it was at times but that stress is what makes it exciting.

ah stress!

It is a type of stress that you can only experience once (well hopefully) and the entire process teaches you alot about yourself and the people close to you. Weddings will bring out the very worst and the very best in people. True colors reign and at the same time it is reassuring and disappointing. Luckily, we are blessed with such an amazing group of friends and family who supported and helped us the entire way through. The good stress is to be embraced and remembered for always…after all it is part of the experience.

Every year I make a list of resolutions because I like to believe in the novelty of it. Most people think they are made to be broken but I take it as an opportunity to set goals for myself (which I do periodically throughout the year anyway).

There were several resolutions I had personally that I accomplished and some I did not:

  • get married!
  • do something about my urge to learn graphic design
  • exercise more
  • eat healthy and get hubby to jump on bandwagon
  • blog
  • new job that lowers stress
  • 5K
  • go to dermatologist (get scary mole removed)
  • go to eye doctor
  • regular volunteer work
  • get a dog with john
  • reconnect with someone very dear to me

As you can see, I still have some left that will transfer to this year. I especially would like the volunteer one to be at the top of my list because there are so many people in need right now. Whether they are sick, sad, or unemployed…it is our responsibility to help one another and I aim to do that this year. John and I have been blessed with good health and good jobs. It is the least we can do to stop and help others (you should think about it too!).

Take a minute today to look at what you have accomplished in 2010 (not just the DIY projects or house remodelings). Look at the big picture and what you did to meet your goals or dreams. Did something not work out quite how you wanted? Did you keep putting something off that you now regret? Did you sell yourself short and not put your best interest first? If so, then guess what? You have a whole new clean slate to start over. Take that piece of paper out and write down what you would like to accomplish this coming year. Of course you are not going to get them all…no one does…keep that in mind and keep going for your dreams. Sometimes we fall but it is the effort it takes to get back up and try again that makes the world go round…..

Happy New Year!

Bridesmaid's Being Awesome and Helping During the Wedding Week!

Wedding Week

My mom helping cut burlap table runners.

This was the result of our ENTIRE wedding party helping! Thank you everyone!

Hope and I holding our dresses up..right after we bought them in January.

My sister and her boyfriend at the beach.

Success! Tired and happy married couple...


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