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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas…..

30 Nov

Everywhere you go….and in our home!

Remember that little foam wreath form I used to make the burlap Fall decor with? Well, it was re-born. It now is the focal point of our Christmas mantel!


Magnolia Leaf Wreath

So the hubby and I were decorating yesterday and I wanted something to sit over the wreath. Something semi-large. Something to fill our blank wall (don’t really have art for the wall yet). I also knew that I have no money for crafts so I decided to get creative and rummage (haha) around the house for ideas. I had seen some magnolia garlands at Carolina Pottery the day before that were simple and elegant. BUT, Ashley ended up breaking not 1 but 3 glass lamps during her stroll with her friend Megan so needless to say, I couldn’t wait to get out of there. BTW- that place is amazing and they are even more amazing for not charging me for my dingle brained move. Megan tried to stop me but it was in slow motion so the lamps fell off the display and that was that….check them out here. Anyways, back to the point. I really liked the magnolia leaf look so I looked outside and realized “hey, we have a magnolia tree”.

I heart you tree!

Coat on, garage door opened and scissors in hand, I started to cut the leaves that were close to the bottom and sagging (about to fall off). I collected enough (and thanked the tree for sharing of course) and went back into the garage. I then put the leaves on newspaper and spraypainted them with gold Krylon spray paint (great stuff if you have never used it, I highly recommend keeping gold, silver and white spraypaint around at all times).

Once they dried I took my little foam wreath, a hot glue gun, and sewing pins.

the get up yo!

I realized quickly that I did not even need the hot glue and the pins would allow my to attach the gold leaves with no commitment! I LIKE! So this is how I got started….

1. Pin a leaf on the inner ring of the wreath form, start laying them in a line (use the narrow leaves if possible). Go all the way around.

2. Pin leaves on the outer ring. Go all the way around. Don’t worry if you see green foam here and there…nothing is perfect!

3. Now, grab a cluster of (3) leaves and pin into wreath. Start overlapping the leaves like so. I like pinning these because it gives the ability to “fan” the leaves out a bit and make the wreath fuller later on. If you used hot glue those suckers are stuck!

4. Go all the way around. When you are to your last cluster, lift up the first cluster and pin the leaves in. Then lay the first ones back down (this should conceal the pin head).

Viola! Pretty easy and fun right! Hang with pride. I have to admit, I am pretty darn excited about my FREE 99 wreath! Between the leaves in our yard, the spray paint and wreath form I had from past projects and my sewing pins…I got out pretty good. What Christmas crafts are you doing this year? Are you incorporating nature into them?

Soon to come…more holiday goodness the hubby and I are doing to the house…and maybe some wedding crafts… 🙂


Couple Christmas Cards…Cheesy or Sweet?

28 Nov


To design a couples Christmas card or not…that is the question! I am debating on whether or not people want a glossy, red and green piece of paper with the hubs and I smiling joyfully from their refrigerator door. Sure they stuck our save the dates up but do they really want another John and Ashley moment of joy to stare at?

Ever since John and I started to date I wanted to do the cheesy, funny couple’s Christmas card. I LOVED getting couple’s Christmas card’s that showed the two in front of their Christmas tree or with their elf eared dog. To me, it was so precious! I asked every year “do you want to do a Christmas card together?” Every year it was the same response…”Let’s wait until we are married.” I respect this reply and understand why he wanted it that way. Two Christmas’s ago I asked the question again and then returned with a “when DO you think we will get to do a card together?” That is when he said “soon”! I knew right then and there that the question was coming soon 🙂 After that I kept my mouth shut about the card!

Fast forward and now I have Photoshop/InDesign minimized on the desktop, blank slate in front of me and no IDEA what to do. Do I use a BEACH wedding photo? A more current photo with tacky Christmas sweaters? Should I wait until we have our tree decorated? OR do I draw cartoon versions of our faces so as to help maintain the hubby’s pride 😉 I know no matter what he will be supportive of it (he is awesome like that) but I want to make sure our first Christmas card as a married couple reflects us and brings a smile (even laugh) to our friends and families faces upon opening.

I suppose I will just start playing around and let it happen. Regardless of format, it will be a fun way to send Christmas joy!

What did you and your hubby do for your first Christmas card together? If you are not married yet, have you sent a card of the two of you together?

DIY Burlap Wreath

27 Nov

Fall Wreath on Door

So this might be coming a little late…what am I saying…might? It IS coming a little late. But I like to think better late than never!

I wanted to make my first wreath for a door that separates our hallway and living area. I knew I wanted a more rustic look to go with Fall and I also knew I wanted to re-use some burlap from our wedding table runners. SO I took a little trip down to JoAnn Fabrics (after printing off a coupon of course) and mosied around. Luckily all their fall decor was on sale (this was after Halloween people..plenty of time to get more decor for the Thanksgiving holiday). I found two cute little “fall inspired” sprigs for $.60 a pop!

Fall Sprigs...I don't think I have ever used the word "sprig" more!

I then found a foam wreath shape for $5.00.

Cheapy Cheap Foam Wreath Form

I was elated and went on home. The components to my fall wreath sat in the spare bedroom (like everything does) for a good two weeks. Finally I made myself sit down and figure something out. I did not have a plan at all and hoped the wreath would find itself in my hands, haha. I grabbed my long burlap table runner and pinned one edgeof it into the foam.

Dark Burlap

I then started to loosely wrap the burlap in and out of the wreath.

Wrap that baby 'round...

I kept it loose because personally, I like it. You could go tighter if you would like. After I got to the end of the burlap and the last exposed part of green foam, I used two sewing pins to secure the burlap in place (be sure to pin into the back so it will be out of eyesight).

Pin the Back to Secure

I think used more pins to secure the fall sprigs onto the wreath. I only bought two but you could use several more.

Sprig it Up!


Hang on Wreath Hook

I like the simplicity of this AND the re-useability! Now that Christmas is approaching I have taken the wreath down, unpinned the sprigs and unwrapped the burlap. This gives my foam wreath a new life! Hmmmm…what to do now?! Stay tuned…..

Wedding Tidbit: this could be a great addition to wedding decor. Instead of fall sprigs use some white or silver seashells if your having a beach wedding. OR try pinning black and white photos of the couple all around it. With some pins, the options of endless!

Inspiration Board

14 Nov

Happy Sunday Funday ya’ll! Hope your weekend was fantastic!

I will be honest. I am pretty brain dead right now and the only productive thing I have done today is clean a little and post 7 Craigslist ad’s! I am trying to sell some things to 1.) get them out of this house and 2.) make some extra cash flow before the fast approaching holidays. Anyone need a snowboard?!!

One thing that most bride’s should attempt to make in some form or another is an inspiration board. It can be digital through a website such as Dessy. OR, you can make a tangible board at home. I opted for the later because inspiration comes in many forms other than 2D images. Here is a pic of the inspiration board on my office desk:

Everything was stuck up here! Koozies, printed out images, ribbon, clay ornaments, bridesmaid dress fabric swatches…everything. It was nice to have directly in front of my computer when I would hit the wedding planning drawing board. I could quickly glance up to see what hair style I wanted or what colors I was using. Another reason I enjoy the actual bulletin board idea is because you can post things like flowers, fabric, textured items that you just can’t feel through the computer screen. To each his own of course! After it served it’s life I decided to give her a face lift. I painted the border white and used spray adhesive to apply a pretty fabric. It was like new again! Now, it is my inspiration board for all things wedding, graphic design, and interior design! However you like it : real life or digital, I highly recommend compiling all your inspired ideas in one spot for easy access.


Here are a few very pretty boards that would make me smile!

Made By Girl Blog

Chicken Wire Inspire Board Arugula Press via Flickr

Currently Listening To: Rill Rill by Sleigh Bells

Favorite Show on TV Right Now: Boardwalk Empire (the costume design is so inspiring)

Favorite Color Right Now: pumpkin of course!

Wedding Videos (Trust a Pro!)

7 Nov

I was perusing Facebook the other day and stumbled upon a post by a former classmate. She was married recently in the beautiful mountains of NC and posted her wedding video. Before I saw this video I leaned on the side of thinking a wedding video was another expense that was not necessary and if you had photos, you would be fine. Before, I would also say try the DIY route and get a friend or family member to film some shots etc. That was before I saw this….

Video by Jeremiah Grant of Visual Elegance Productions.

What do you think? Amazing, right?!! This was done with such skill, perspective and a detailed eye! From the beautiful sites of the Fall leaves to the build-up to the ceremony. From the fun dance scene to the very end….it was perfect. If you brides can make something like this fit into your budget, then by all means do it! This is something the couple will surely treasure for years to come and show their children who will one day show theirs. How special is that to feel back in the moment with music, life and movement? That is something that photos cannot entirely mimic unfortunately.

So, I feel that I should offer a DIY alternative for those of you who will not hire a videographer. Take your photos, put them into a digital slideshow and add some of your wedding songs. Make sure the slideshow progresses from start to finish. Be sure to add some of your friends and families photos too!

Thanks Mandy for letting me share and congratulations!!

Congrats Andy and Sally!

6 Nov

Just want to send a belated shout out to our good friends Andy and Sally! They were engaged recently and we could not be happier for them. They are so much so much fun to be around and really compliment each other! They are both from NC but reside in DC. John has been best buds with him since they were younger and some recent trips have allowed me to get to know the both of them better 🙂

Congratulations and we love you guys!

Sally and Andy

Wedding Spotlight : Cline + Hutchinson Wedding 10.2.10

6 Nov

Recently our friends Megan and Luke tied the knot in the beautiful mountains of NC! The weather was amazing, the crowd was energetic and the couple glowed more than I have ever seen! Megan did alot of DIY things for her wedding mixed with many fun Etsy items! Please check out these photos of the fall inspired matrimony!

Fabric Flower Sewn Along Fishing Line, Megan's Hair Pin Sitting On Top

Cake Topper bought from Etsy

Beautiful Flowers Put on a Yummy Cake by Stick Boy (Boone, NC)

The Dining Room at the Inn at Crestwood

The Bride and I!

Look at the Beautiful View! They Picked the Perfect Spot!

Photo Wall of Friends and Family

Photo Booth with Fabric Backdrop and Handmade Fabric Balls Strung with Fishing Line

Party Time