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DIY Fabric Covered Frame

31 Oct

One day my friend Megan and I were walking around Joann Fabric. She was on the hunt for fabric for her photo booth backdrop. We found this fantastic, fall-ish fabric that would be beautiful if it had a purpose. I bought some of it in hopes of making something for her big day…sadly, the pretty fabric was never used and sat in my guest room. I knew I wanted to make something for their wedding gift that was slightly more personal than a store bought gift. My husband made a wonderful photo collage of the two with pics he printed from Kodak gallery. One day when walking in the guest room, I saw the fabric in the corner and knew it finally had a purpose-a photo covered matte for a picture frame! Here are the steps below….

1. Buy a frame with matte. I got this one from Target-lay down on the fabric and cute about 1.5" around the perimeter. Cut the center inward, leaving about 1/2" of material.

Cut slits at the inner corners so you can fold the material over onto the matte and glue down. (take the lid off the glue, haha)

3. Now with inner fabric glued, flip over and iron the material to get any kinks out. Important to do this before you glue the exterior portion of the material to the matte so it will not bubble.

4. Flip back over and glue down the exterior fabric edge to the frame. It should look like this. Cut any loose threads or fabric that might but into the picture.

5. I then took a photo of the couple I took at their rehearsal dinner, put it into Photoshop, greyscaled it, took the red eye out, whitened the teeth (love my photoshop class!) and printed. I then put the picture on top of the matte, put into the frame and viola! Super cute and stylish photo of the two.

I cannot wait to do some wedding photos of John and I. I found some large, white frames with white mattes at Target that I am going to wrap in burlap (burlap from our table runners). It is a neat way to re-use wedding items!


When I Grow Up….

30 Oct

This explains it perfectly….I want to be a wedding designer. Not a planner. Maybe a little bit coordinator. But definitely a designer. Being creative is what I thrive on and if I could channel that into someone’s big day, make a couple breathe easy, then everyone wins! I have been thinking alot lately about what path I want to take next and I have a business plan in mind (I wrote up in June…so yea, it’s been on my mind, haha)…it has some steps I want to follow to ensure cross training and creative development (ie. graphic design class for paper goods).


look at that color scheme for my 3rd grade science project! i even wanted to add some creative flair so I cut my experimental cabbages in half (with the help of mom of course), dipped them in paint and pressed them on paper!


I would really like to focus on wedding print design as well, however I do not know if I have what it takes. I should be more confident but it is hard when you see such amazing work EVERYWHERE. The market is not TOTALLY saturated but it is competitive.


Although most professionals are a combination of the three, each have specific duties when it comes to what wedding services they provide. Here are the differences between the three:

A wedding designer is responsible for the overall visual aesthetic of the wedding. Designers think in terms of the big picture. They generate the wedding concept and how that concept will be threaded through each visual element with unity and cohesion. Often they will work in conjunction with florists, lighting technicians, and photographers to create the look and feel of the event.

A wedding planner is a responsible for planning the logistical elements that bring your wedding vision to life. Depending on the level of service they are commissioned for, a wedding planner will assist with budget creation and management, venue selection, vendor referrals, wedding day timeline, seatting arrangements, and so on. They can also act as a trusted advisor on everything wedding related and a shoulder to lean on. More often than not, a wedding planner will also coordinate the day as well, since they are highly involved with the planning.

A wedding coordinator is not deeply involved with planning the wedding. Think of them as an orchestra conductor. Their primary duty is to be there on the day and ensure that it runs smoothly and according to plan. You often hear them referred to as day-of-coordinators. Many jump in a month before the wedding to finalize the last minute details, confirm vendor obligations, create a timeline, and oversee the set-up of the décor. But be aware that wedding coordinators/day-of-coordinators are very different from venue coordinators. Venue coordinators or event managers are hired by the venue to ensure your wedding follows the rules and regulations of the space. They may help with your timeline but more often than not they will not help you with set-up or troubleshooting. Wedding coordinators and venue coordinators work side-by-side one another to make sure everyone flows smoothly. But if you want someone who will cue your bridal party, bustle your dress, or set-up décor, I suggest hiring a wedding coodinator not associated with your venue.

(from song-bird creations website)

I will figure it out one day. I think the best I can do for now is keep taking courses to enrich my knowledge, connect with people, offer my help and start an etsy shop (soon to be dropped!).

Happy Saturday!

{just realized how cool i looked in those green leggings and white slouchy sweater…i think i saw that outfit at H&M yesterday}

watch out wedding etsy…

26 Oct

Angel Face Designs Button

I stumbled across the great wedding oriented, etsy like marketplace online…

Very cool idea but then I started reading into the FAQ. In order to sell on this site, one must be approved. I understand that you may not get approved if you are selling antique trains but it almost seemed a little pretentious. Perhaps they could word it differently. My impression is that not ALL wedding geared items will be accepted. They say it is nothing personal but in my opinion they are shooting themselves in the foot…I will stick with the tried and true Etsy for now 🙂

More Furniture Market Pretties…..

24 Oct








I had to share some more photos…for inspiration of course…

Silk Flower Showroom...definite inspiration for center p's

Robert Allen Swell Collection

elk, deer, wood creature… someone please help me here…


Pillows! Is it time for a nap?

Driftwood Close Up

Lamp Detail

Tootsie Roll Wrapper Art…totally DIY friendly!

Slime Dresser…so friggin cute


Post It Note Art in Nick. Showroom

Liked this little set up...

“Lay Your Weary Head to Rest….” at the Furniture Market!

23 Oct

This past Monday my interior design office took a little field trip to High Point for the Fall High Point Furniture Market! If you do not know what market is just imagine an entire downtown area of a furniture infused city dedicated to showcasing the latest and greatest in residential and commercial furnishing and decor. There are several LARGE buildings dedicated to this event (some year round and some just for market). My office went to check out the latest in furnishings and accessories for our hotels. We also have a few vendors we are loyal to and wanted to see any updates. I have never been to market before so did not know what to expect. It was like window shopping to the extreme! I wanted everything for my own house! From the hand crafted side tables to the driftwood wall hangings to the over-sized Buddha porcelain statues.

People from all over the world were here: architects, designers, bloggers, buyers etc.

Check out this list of vendors and events that were occurring….too bad we missed Kansas LIVE! Carry on my wayward son…..

Robert Allen Fabric Books

Clayton Oxford Showroom (Local Durham Business) ( check them out-very nice people!)

Burlap Flower Applique

Driftwood Wall Hanging

Felt Flower Pillow

Moe's Showroom

Nickelodeon Showroom (Kids Room Vignette-totally awesome dude)

Hammery Showroom : Dresser

Some trends I noticed:

BURLAP (thank goodness…so cute!)

asian/morrocan influences

appliques! pillows, lampshades etc.

rustic chic…distressed wood, white washed things


bright colors like mustard yellow, lime green deep purple mixed with white, grey and other neutrals.

But Ashley, what on earth does this have to do with wedding DIY?!! Glad you asked. If I were planning a wedding and needed some inspiration, this would be great place to start. Granted you have to be connected to the design community somehow. BUT, one could always scout the online blogs showing these latest and greatest designs. Places like this serve as inspiration for the latest color schemes, materials and finishes. All which can be translated in your wedding design (colors, hair accessories, decor or paper goods).

For example: I saw a BEAUTIMOUS lampshade that was covered in burlap with a flower applique (see photo above). This could be translated into a killer hair accessory for the rustic chic wedding. Create a little burlap or jute flower, glue it on a barrette, hot glue a rhinestone in the middle to jazz it up and BAM! Instant glam on a budget…..

See ladies…inspiration is EVERYWHERE. You just have to open your eyes….

Global Views Showroom

Me Head is Pounding…

17 Oct

So I just finished taking my online mid-term for my graphic/web design certificate class and I need to vent. We were allowed 45 minutes for one of the most intense and specific tests I have ever taken. I ran out of time and had to start picking answers randomly and let’s just say the result was not pretty. I am not used to this. I am not used to not seeing the teacher. I am not used to setting my own schedule. I am not used to making bad grades. Yeah, I said it. I am a grade A nerd and learning excites me. When my brain fails me and I don’t do well on a test I kick myself…for days…It really is bad but I am my own worst critic. This is just so important to me though. I feel that getting this graphic and web design certificate will be a great thing to add to my skill set. Not to mention a doorway to a potential new career in life. SOOO it is really important to do well. Period. December is right around the corner and that means a final exam. Ugh. Sigh. Dang it. God Bless America.

Ashley, you just need to pick yourself up and accept it. Okay. Tell yourself that you tried hard but you will just have to try harder next time. I guess I can do that. Now go have a glass of wine and enjoy your Sunday! ***sound of pouring*** got it.

Alright. Much better now. Thanks cyberspace for listening to my self indulging nerdy self!


On a side note: My office is going to Furniture Market tomorrow! Yippee! We are very excited and I cannot wait to see all the pretties…I hope I can sneak some pictures in there!


Happy Sunday Funday!