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DIY Health Plan

16 Sep

So we all know how much brides want to look their absolute best on their big day…not one bride can honestly say they did not consider changing their diet, workout regimen or overall lifestyle to achieve their goals. I think that any bride can set realistic goals and do them in a healthy way. Work out, eat healthy, quit smoking, quit drinking as much and know you are beautiful just the way you are.

It is harder to say then to believe. It also helps to have your fiancé get on the health bandwagon. My honey bought P90X off of Craigslist for 60 bucks! The book, cd’s and everything! We both started the videos together. He kept going after a month..I stopped…he did it every day, I did it on days I did not go to the gym. We both adjusted how we ate by following some P90 recipes. Breakfast was turkey sausage, scrambled egg whites and oj every day for awhile. Then I got lazy and stopped making egg whites so we ate turkey sausage and OJ every day (we still do). For lunch I cut sodium filled items out of my diet-no soup at hands, no microwave dinners. We adjusted our dinners to no salt veggies, no frozen foods that had sauces (full of salt), turkey burgers, veggie burgers and low sodium salad dressing. The lb’s started to melt off of the two of us and you could start to see much more muscle definition. We also signed up for a 5K during the middle of our engagement. Setting a goal helps. I honestly think that between the food, exercising 4 days a week and having a fiancé helping…we got healthy! I lost much more weight than I wanted (about 20 lb’s) but that was due to stress with my job and getting really sick for three weeks the month before my wedding. We are still doing pretty good and don’t kick ourselves for eating dessert or skipping the gym. I think we both felt the best we could on our wedding days and I think that is the ultimate goal. Don’t kill yourself working out and def. don’t starve yourself! It will come back to haunt you. Just feel good about being healthy, alive and in love! If I had to give one bit of diy health advice…start reading the sodium content on things…once you get that under control (along with exercise and lots of water) you will start to feel (and look) great!

my ripped hubby


Houston, we have a Pomblem

8 Sep

Gah, I’m corny! So here is my take on the tissue paper pom pom…these little guys never come out looking as good as Martha makes them look! We made blue, green and yellow ones for our rehearsal dinner decor (fiesta) and left a few of the green ones up for the wedding the next night. I love the look of these things because they are so airy, can coordinate with any color and CHEAP! My bridesmaid, Meagan helped assemble light

blue ones that we hung on shepherds hooks to line our beach walkway.

Light Blue Poms

Poms That Lined The "Walkway"

Poms can be big or small..but I would opt for medium. Do not use too much tissue paper because it will become difficult to cut when you get to the petal making step. Another thing I do differently is I use really thin, bendable wire (can buy by the spool) and use that instead of string with securing the middle. I feel this gives you more security and flexibility with the pom. You can cut the wire and add string, you can leave the wire long and bend around something else etc.


Congrats to Lindsey and Brandon!

7 Sep

I have to send out a very special congratulations to two of the most amazing people I know! Last night our friends Brandon and Lindsey got engaged! I am uber excited for them and cannot wait to hear all the engagement details (he asked her in a photobooth-how friggin cute).

If you knew these two, you would understand that their is not a selfish bone in their bodies. They are good friends to everyone around them AND to each other. It has been a joy to see them grow and to see their love grow deeper and stronger.

Congrats you two! Love you lots and may the many years ahead of you be filled with love and blessings 🙂

Photo by Hollie Storie

Long time…

7 Sep

I know, I know…”Ashley, how do you expect people to read your blog if you never post?”…well, I don’t really expect many people to look at it at this point…it needs time to grow and I need time to get into my groove. Plus (not trying to make excuses or anything)  I have been super busy with life. I got a new job with a hotel management and development company in the interior design department (elated), have been planning bridal showers and bach. parties, not to mention all the summertime business that comes with summer! I am also taking an online graphic design course through Wake Tech (community college is da bomb) so needless to say, Ashley is a little busy.  I hope to have more free time with my new job (we shall see) so will make an honest effort to post some things. It would be good if I could get up ONE TUTORIAL that I have done, haha….