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M&J Trimming DIY Challenge

2 Aug

Please check out these amazing DIY projects that bloggers submitted for M&J Trimming’s DIY Challenge! It is so neat to see what different minds can do with the same items…how inspiring!

DIY Challenge by M&J Trimming


Give to me your leather, take from me my lace…

1 Aug

So I know I am slacking big time but I have some things going on right now that are taking up all of my time…hopefully I can elaborate on it more soon 🙂 And no, no babies! So don’t worry about that!

I am helping plan a Bachelorette party for one of my best friends. She is getting married in October and we are planning the party for the first weekend of September! I can hardly wait to take her out on the town to celebrate her last big night out as a single woman! Anyways, I have been looking for inspiration for an invitation. We are going to throw her a lingerie party (if you have never had one or been to one, it is a lot of fun! Especially for the bride!). I thought it would be cute to do a “leather and lace” theme. She is sweet as pie but I know she has a bad ass side to her as well! I was looking for inspiration and found soooo many great things…

such as lace earrings! She could wear these with her leather body suit..naughty naughty!

Lace Wrapped Candles

or DIY lace candleholders…this might become a tutorial soon…muahahaha….might be a good take home gift for the girls….

Lace Earring Holder in Frame via Modcloth

I also fell in love with this great idea on how to make a lace/framed earring holder…this will be a must the next time I go craft shopping!!! (not really related to the party but I HAD to share).

Needless to say I have inspiration all over the place for invitations….I thought about somehow incorporating leather cord into it but thought the lace was prettier. I also considered having a leather whip on the invite but thought that might be over the top?

So wish me luck! I hope to plan a great party that she will never forget! How can we go wrong if we play Leather and Lace (Stevie) on repeat all night…