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Do Be Sketchy : Part 2

18 Jul

After writing the first part of “Do Be Sketchy” I realized that I did not put any samples of my own sketchbook onto the site. Attached you will find a few pages from my wedding sketchbook that illustrate how helpful it is to get something out of your head and onto paper! Colors, shapes, websites, dimensions, textures and goals…

Cupcake Stand Doodles

Invite Sketch

The Wedding Image in my Own Head Movie

The Actual Reception Layout (Pretty Close)


Blog of the Day!

14 Jul

I stumbled across this amazing blog today…

Heather is amazing at what she does! One can only hope to be as creative and talented as she is. Please check her blog out and see the exquisite photos! So pretty!

DIY Flower Hair Fascinator

11 Jul

DIY Hair Fascinator

Finished Product

Flower in Hair

Hair accessories are so much fun for brides! Just go to Etsy and search for wedding hair accessories and the search results are endless. I loved the look of a simple flower tucked into a bun. A real flower would have been nice but I did not want to have to worry about it wilting or not turning out the way I wanted it. Not to mention the price tag!! So I made one! I found this great tutorial from

It is super easy! I did not take step by step photos but followed her directions to a T. For the center detail I simply hot glued a few saltwater pearl beads (fake) that I had left over from my bridesmaids earrings. It added a little bit of beachiness!

Cost Breakdown:

Fake Flower: $4.00

hot glue stick: already had a big bag

Hair clips from Joanne with Coupon: $2.00

3 pearl beads leftover from bridesmaid jewelry: if you break down it comes out to about .30 cents.

Total Project Cost: $6.30 compared to online stores that sell them for 2o bucks and above…Totally worth it in my opinion and you get to call it your own!

Some pretties to hold you over…

11 Jul

Our Wedding Beach House View

Wedding Venue (hand cut burlap table runners, flower centerpieces, rolled plastic wear)

View from the Top Deck

Do Be Sketchy!

11 Jul

Your Random Thoughts Best Friend!

Catalina Inspired Table Numbers | Weddingbee.

Hey everyone,

I was scrolling through…yes, I still do it! Even post- wedding it is still an obsession! Anyways, I stumbled across this post by Miss. Pashmina and it shows a great page out of her sketchbook. I love this and felt the need to share it because a sketchbook is KEY to getting your ideas out of your head and onto paper. My design classes in school always required a sketchbook be had. Some art classes required daily sketches to help improve skills. At first I thought it was a pain to have to remember to draw every single day but then I started to realize the benefits of the sketchbook not only for my drawing but for my thoughts. It acted more like a journal that documented my days, thoughts, ideas and inspirations.

When my wedding planning began, I hopped over to Michaels to purchase a brand new, little black sketchbook. I was too excited! In looking back at it I can see my thought processes and what was brought to fruition and what was not. I doodled notes, sketches, website names, to do lists, EVERYTHING! I think everyone in the planning process should carry a sketchbook to quickly document the cute logo they see on something or describe the amazing color scheme they found in a store. It even served as a place where I drew diagrams for place settings and my hand made cupcake stand. Remember: you do not need to have the best drawing abilities. You are the only one that has to look at it and if it can help you…utilize it! Happy Sketching!