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29 Jun

Not the bummer kind of STD! Ha! Save the Dates! I have not thought about these little puppies in a while so let me collect my thoughts…

Initially, John (the hubby) and I debated on magnets or not. I believe every save the date we have ever received was a magnet which speaks of it’s popularity. We saw several interesting ideas that seemed fun…but time consuming…

Image from Wedding Paper Divas

Magnets are so easy. You plop them on the fridge and wha-la…you see it every time you go in for some cookie dough ice cream or string cheese (or both at the same time).

Once we decided on the mag, I researched sites that allowed you to upload your own design.

We found! This site was G-R-E-A-T! Very easy to use (once you figure out how to format your custom image). We uploaded a photograph from our engagement photo session and added a few words and presto! 100 magnets were in our mailbox a week later. Their prices are fair and the turnaround time is phenomenal. Just don’t forget to spell check!

What did you and your fiancé do to let the world know you were getting married?


Hello DIY World!

23 Jun

Hello everyone out there in wedding blog lala land! I see you there…sitting in your cube flying through the internet, searching for veils, or you over there, on the sofa in front of the television with the laptop. Your favorite show has fallen to the wayside as you read through wedding blog after wedding blog. You don’t even know who won American Idol. I know you are all out there because I experienced it firsthand; I was one of you! I just got my married on May 28 and am so happy! The love of my life and I had a beach side ceremony and reception attended by our best friends and family. It was short but sweet and every ounce of our love (and TONS of elbow grease) were poured into it. I think you could say that we had a DIY wedding of sorts. I am absolutely obsessed with the idea of getting your hands dirty to create a beautiful thing. Crafting and hands-on art are truly my passions in life. Nothing feels more satisfying than making something with your own hands that serves a purpose…or just looks pretty! I love it so much that I want to share with everyone the crafts I made and how to do it in hopes to help some of DIY inspired brides. Many of you might not think you have a creative bone in your body but I guarantee you do. We all do…it just takes that right project, inspirational image, poetic song, beautiful fall day to pull it out.
Throughout the planning process I saw so many blogs where the brides blogged along the way. That is truly admirable! I on the other hand decided to focus on planning, creating and making. I decided that a blog in retrospect would be just as fun! So this is why I am here world…to show you my projects and tutorials and hope it helps a bride along the way…..

Hello world!

11 Jun

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!